About Us

This is how it all began…

As a child, I was obsessed with cutting and playing with my dolls hair. Every Dolly in our house was washed in the bathroom sink and the hair brushed within an inch of its life. I turned my Barbie’s into Ken’s. I taught myself to do braids. Most of my dolls ended up with no hair at all. In my teens I began colouring my hair at home, and I had many disasters with bottles of home colour from the pharmacy. I attempted highlights too. There were even a few people who let me cut their hair, even before I had any training. A decision I am sure they lived to regret.

After I Matriculated I went to college (2007) to be trained to become a professional hairdresser/stylist and started working as an apprentice. Well it was hard work, washing heads and sweeping up hair, and the wages were bad, but guess what?? I kind of loved it and I absolutely adored the place. I worked hard and grabbed every bit of training I could get. I had fantastic trainers and worked with some brilliant hairdressers and had a good work ethic and an excellent standard of hairdressing instilled into me from day one. For a short while, and after that it didn’t really work out, I started hating what I do and couldn’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life. I left college and had no idea what I want to be or what my real passion is.

Finding your passion is about listening to the little voice in your head. Following the signs of the universe and paying attention to your gut. I’ve been pretty lucky to understand this throughout my life. Of course, I’ve had guidance but that is a part of the process to finding your passion. Just because you haven’t peaked in your passion yet doesn’t mean it’s not underway.

This is a bit cliché but success doesn’t happen overnight. Success is a collective of all you have put into your passion. I am obsessed with making everyone feel beautiful, confident and appreciated.

Everyone’s idea of success is different. Become open to new uncomfortable experiences for they are filled with wisdom and pungent lessons. The only way to truly walk in your passion is to be still, listen and get to work!

“The key is giving your all to receive all in return,” this statement is unique because you are unique; there is no other individual in the world like you. No one! Only you can hear that little voice in your head or listen to your gut. That’s what makes us all individuals. We all have a different walk but together we are an intricate collection combining all of our passion, creativity, love, wisdom and many challenges with hopes to inspire.

Then one day, after a disaster experience with my hair at a hair salon, I urgently needed Hair Extensions, but couldn’t afford it. So I started doing research and tried to find the cheapest possible way to add length to my short hair .Research showed that there really was a lot of junk out there and women were being ripped off – either wearing extensions too thin for their natural hair, or sporting these expensive extensions that looked totally unnatural. Sure, I found hair extensions on the market, but they either cost a fortune or were very affordable, but poorly made. A lot of the extensions with high-end price tags were also of a very low quality.

I realised that women weren’t getting what they wanted and paid for, and that there is a huge demand for affordable, quality hair extensions – a demand that just wasn’t being met. So I decided to fill the gap and started Truth or Hair, my own line of clip-in hair extensions. I love what I do and give my business a very personal approach. The best part is that I keep my prices affordable Truth of Hair extensions cost a fraction of what other companies charge for similar sets. I absolutely adore my product and I’m sure you will too!

Truth or Hair,
It’s our little secret